A website owner's guide to Google Analytics bounce rates

Ever wondered what the "bounce rate" number means on your Google Analytics account, and whether you should be worried about it?

It's one of the most misunderstood of all the metrics available for your site, and a lot of external factors have an influence over this number.  For example, if your site is well indexed in Google, there's a higher chance that visitors will land on the page that gives them the information they require, and they will then leave; a high number of people visiting your site regularly to read your blog may also result in a high bounce rate; and a design that uses a small number of long scrolling pages rather than a larger number of smaller pages may have a similar effect.

Through the Letterbox - Food and Drink Subscriptions

It seems you can get anything via online subscription; soap, socks, vitamins – even inspirational quotes, hand wound guitar strings and ‘the spirit of a US city’ (only in America). And the service lends itself perfectly to food and drink.

As specialists in the food & drink sector, we wanted to give our customers a simple and cost-effective way of offering a subscription service; so we worked with artisan chocolatiers, James Chocolates, to build a new plug-in for our food & drink website software.


Cloudberry Digital are proud to have launched the new Dartmouth Self Storage website this week, and we are really happy to be working with Jo and the Self-Storage Team. 

Based in Townstall, 2 minutes from Sainsbury's, Dartmouth Self Storage provides specialist purpose-built, secure storage rooms for all your storage requirements. Storage can be short or long term, and their security system allows you to have daily access if required. Click on the image above to check out the new website.

Welcome to The Sweet Potato Spirit Company


We at Cloudberry Digital are pleased to have launched The Sweet Potato Spirit Company's new website.  Using methods passed down over years and copper stills that could tell stories, they craft their spirits and liqueurs in the manner of a Michelin-starred restaurant, grabbing as much flavour into the product with as much refined smoothness as is physically possible. The result is a joy of a drink that doesn't burn, but cradles you as you reach for another sip. Check out their new site at thesweetpotatospiritcompany.com. .


Healthy chocolate; Too good to be true?

A delicious piece of food news caught our eye in the media this week; Scientists have developed a form of chocolate that is so healthy it can be eaten as medicine.

It contains only 35 per cent sugar and fat, and its key ingredient, cacao, contains a variety of anti-oxidants and minerals that can have beneficial effects on blood pressure, stroke incidence and helps to protect the nervous system. The company producing this welcome alternative to the usual sugar and fat laden version, Kuka Xoco, have discovered a new method of sweetening the naturally bitter cacao by using minute amounts of a little used plant found in the Andes. So we should soon be able to enjoy the medical benefits of chocolate without the damaging effects of the additional ingredients. What's not to like? 

Dogs in the office yes/no?

She's no trouble, very quiet and very furry. She also needs a bit of love which doesn't go well with being left at home while the family goes out to work or school. It seems a shame when all I do is mostly come and sit in a different room in a different town and do my thing with Cloudberry Digital. So why not bring Fudge into the office? She's good at helping to reduce stress and sleeping, but poor at making the tea and coding. She definitely likes her food though! Does anyone have any experience good or bad to share before we approach the building manager?

Would you eat the Crème brûlée?

I saw this in a restaurant in France and it made the whole family chuckle. Makes one realise the importance of getting your international pages correct and not just relying on automatic translations. Why not talk to us at Cloudberry Digital if you are exporting or thinking of exporting to see how as UKTI Digital Supply partners we can help you. Up to 50% grants are available for your export digital project.

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