Through the Letterbox - Food and Drink Subscriptions

It seems you can get anything via online subscription; soap, socks, vitamins – even inspirational quotes, hand wound guitar strings and ‘the spirit of a US city’ (only in America). And the service lends itself perfectly to food and drink. Veg boxes have been available for regular ordering online for some years, and many of us will have received an invitation to try out a ‘Graze’ box before signing up for regular delivery. So why does it work so well?

Well let’s take chocolate. There are thousands of chocolate lovers in the UK and further afield who won’t take much persuading that a monthly, fortnightly or even weekly drop of tasty treats through their letterbox will give them something to look forward to. Similarly, with drinks; fancy trying different craft beers, tasting ciders not readily available in your area or receiving all the ingredients you need to make a different curry every month? Sign up to a subscription service, sit back and wait, with anticipation, for your perfect package to arrive.

As specialists in the food & drink sector, we wanted to give our customers a simple and cost-effective way of offering a subscription service; so we worked with artisan chocolatiers, James Chocolates, to build a new plug-in for our food & drink website software.

Anyone signing up to The Chocolate Treat Club won’t just receive regular deliveries of delicious chocolate.  James Hutchins understands the importance of providing his subscribers with something a little special, something that makes them feel unique – something not available on the high street.  Customers can specify tastes and flavours they like or don’t like – after all, everyone has their own likes and dislikes and if you want your customers to keep subscribing, they’ve got to want more of what you’re offering.

Successful food or drink subscription services are those that keep their customers as the real focus, offering freebies, loyalty schemes, seasonal delights and one off specials. Tempt them with a free taster, then when they realise how great the product is, it won’t take a lot of persuasion for them to sign up for a regular delivery. Suggest they recommend a friend and they – and perhaps the friend – will get a free box of delights. What’s not to like?

Food or drink subscription services lend themselves perfectly to lively social media, which in turn gets the service in front of a wider audience of potential customers. What do your subscribers think of the latest cheese/coffee bean/candy bar/gluten free product to pop through their letterbox? People love to engage, and if you’ve sent them the best biscuit they’ve ever tasted, well they’ll certainly tell you so on Facebook. Like and share, like and share.

Inspired? Maybe you’re a food or drink producer or you have the entrepreneurial spirit to source, package, send and support a food or drink subscription service. The one thing you will need is a website that does what you need it to do, enabling you to sell your service, give people the option of stating preferences, and, quite important, allows them to pay their subscription. That’s where we come in – so if you’d like to find out just how easy it is to start signing people up for regular deliveries of your food & drink product, get in touch.