Purely digital since 1997, more than 2,300 projects completed

If it’s digital, we’ve done it.  Our experience ranges from simple web sites to multi-lingual, multichannel e-commerce sites;  social media campaigns; on-pack promotions, even a virtual fish-tank for a Hong Kong shopping mall!  We aren’t an agency that “also does digital” - it’s all we’ve ever done - and the sheer volume and variety of work we have completed means we really do know what we're talking about.

We've moved on from building web sites as standalone entities, which become outdated over time and increasingly challenging to maintain as their number increases.  Instead we build sites on "platforms" - so we can provide our customers with a digital marketing service that grows with them as their business evolves.

Our content management platform is based on an open source software product called eZPublish.  We have adapted and extended it so it meets the needs of our food & drink customers, but for people who don't need the full power and flexibility our platform offers, we also build sites on Squarespace.

To answer common questions about our food & drink focused content management platform, we have written a quick Q & A:

Q: What is a content management platform? isn’t it just another name for a web site?

A: Definitely not!  It’s a fundamentally different approach to building and maintaining web sites.  All our sites are built on the same foundation - software that powers the sites, and gives our customers the tools required to maintain their content.  Additional functionality is provided through a comprehensive range of plug-ins; such as a product catalogue, trade/consumer e-commerce, data capture, social network integration and on-pack promotions.

These plug-ins have been developed to meet the needs of the food & drink sector, and are continually being enhanced, upgraded and added to.  Being on our platform means you will always be using the latest version, and by not starting from scratch every time you get the highest levels of function and quality for a surprisingly low fee.

Q: But my company is unique, my web site needs to be unique as well

A: Sharing a technology platform doesn’t mean all the sites need to look alike, or work in the same way.  If something needs to be done in a specific way, we can modify an existing plug-in for you or create a new one.

Q: What will my site look like?

A: You can build your site on one of our professional templates, use a custom design from one of our design partners, or work with a designer of your choice.  We keep design, content and functionality completely separate, so if you change your mind in the future, we can update the design without affecting the content.

Q: Can I afford it? 

A: All our plug-ins have a fixed price, so you can put together a shopping list to match your individual requirements and budget.  The cost of adding a plug-in to an existing site is the same as adding it to a new site; there’s no penalty for keeping things simple at the start and enhancing the site as your needs evolve.

Q: Where do I start?

A: The first step is for us to understand a little bit more about your business.  We don’t just give you exactly what you ask for; having been ‘in the business’ for as long as we have means we can usually contribute some ideas of our own.  There’s no commitment required until you’re completely comfortable with our proposal, so why not get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.