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With over 2,500 digital projects delivered since 1997, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge about promoting food & drink online. To help make you more digitally delicious, we have distilled some of our knowledge into 10 top tips.

So whether you're interested in growing online sales, helping your product stand out on-shelf, engaging with consumers on social networks, streamlining processes - or if you’ve simply got a web site that needs some TLC - get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear;
there’s no substitute for relevant, quality, regularly updated content.

Take any globally successful web site such as Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook or eBay and you will find that they have one thing in common; they all prioritised providing visitors with the content they wanted, and making their sites easy to use.  The content was good, there was always something new to make it worth coming back, and the sites were easy to use - so people visited; and most importantly - they also told other people!  

You may not have plans as ambitious for your site, but the same rule holds true - get the content right first and worry about everything else afterwards.

How we can help: We can help you to develop and implement an effective content strategy that works for your business, to ensure that anything you publish online supports your objectives. 

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A picture says a thousand words – and first impressions last;
you need more than a good camera for a great food photo.

Great food photography engages your audience; it makes them hungry to find out more.  Average pictures of food however, put visitors off - they will probably go elsewhere for a higher quality experience.  And no pictures of food makes people suspicious!

You can nearly always tell when a food photo wasn't taken by a professional - even with the same camera - so please invest in high quality photography; the benefits will far outstrip the cost.

How we can help: We work with some great food photographers who don't charge the earth.  We can organise everything for you and brief the photographer on how we'll be using the images - making everything easy and affordable.

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Start small and start soon;
break a project into manageable pieces – you’ll
learn more and will make a return sooner.

It's easy to get into a real downer about your digital marketing.  Soon after you launch, a new mobile phone comes out and your web site doesn't work on it; a new social network rockets to popularity and you aren't on it; all your digital activities seem to be pulling in different directions, and you're really not sure what's working and what's not.  It can be completely overwhelming - and often leads to the whole online element of a marketing plan being put into a box marked "really difficult" and left until there's enough time.

But it doesn't have to be like that.  Choose a technology that enables you to build on your successes and take things one step at a time.

How we can help: Our technology is designed to evolve with you as your business grows.  We have an open and flexible pricing policy that means there's no penalty for doing the important things first, and building on your successes over time.

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Technology is like a steamroller, you’re either on the roller or the road;
you must adapt & evolve online to keep up.

Computing power is said double every two years, but even this exponential growth is nothing compared to how quickly user behaviours and preferences can change.  New social networks grow and become popular in the blink of an eye, and new mobile technologies bring new opportunities - with new compatibility issues.

Flexibility is key; your technology needs to adapt and evolve to keep pace with change - you should never have to "start again" and write off all that you have invested to date.

How we can help: We are building the world's best content management platform for the food & drink sector; software that is continually upgraded and developed to keep up with changes in technology and user behaviours.

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The launch is just the end of the beginning;
once your project is online, you need to get the right people to see it.

If you were about to invest a great deal of money in the latest labelling equipment, surely it would make sense to consider the ongoing cost of the labels themselves?  Digital marketing is no different, yet it's surprising how many people consider the launch of a project to be "The End".  When planning an online campaign, don't assume that visitors will miraculously appear; you will need a plan to attract them, which in turn, will probably require a regular supply of high quality, keyword rich, original content.

How we can help: We will meet with you on a regular basis to review the performance of your site, discuss any issues and plan future developments.  We also provide a comprehensive range of services to help you get your site found on search engines, and to help you manage your social network channels.

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The world is your oyster;
research shows that export markets will pay a
premium for goods labeled ‘made in Britain’.

According to a recent survey by Barclays Corporate Banking, consumers in new and emerging markets would pay up to 7% more for a food & drink product labeled as "Made in Britain" compared to products without a declared country of origin.

The survey also confirmed that British goods are perceived to be 'good' or 'very good' in the countries included in the survey (USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, China, South Africa and Qatar).

So if you're not currently exporting your food & drink product, maybe this is something you should be considering?

How we can help: We work closely with the UKTI, helping businesses to build export business online; we have CIM trained staff who can advise on translating and promoting your site internationally; and our content management platform simplifies management of multi-lingual web sites.

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Price is what you pay - value is what you get;
using the right technology means you can do more online for less.

A principle many Japanese companies work to is “Use only tried and tested technology that serves you and your business.”  Yet many of us work with systems and processes that are frustrating and annoying, which in turn means that we often work in ways that are inefficient and take value out of our organisation.

Spending time at the start of a digital project to evaluate the best technology for what you want to achieve will pay for itself many times over. If you’re being told that you need to bin what you have and start again, make sure that the next project is built on a platform that is flexible and adaptable enough to grow as your needs evolve.

How we can help: Our technology is designed to grow with you – so you will never have to start again.  We are continually updating our platform, and our ‘no site is left behind’ commitment means you will always be using the latest version of our software.  Our plug-in based approach also means you can buy what you need now, and add new functionality as needed.

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A cord of many strands is not easily broken;
integrated online campaigns yield more than uncoordinated activities.

The online landscape is continually changing.   Before too long you can end up with lots of different online activities, each pulling in different directions, with a lot of duplication of effort. 

Each social network has its own distinct characteristics that make it suitable for different activities.  User preferences are also evolving all the time, so consumers may be looking for what you provide in a wide variety of different places.

It’s no longer optional to engage with your consumers and customers on social networks – but in order to make the most of these opportunities, you need to clearly understand what it’s possible to achieve, and set up your systems to avoid duplication.

How we can help: We can advise you on how to use each social network with your web site to achieve the maximum return.  Our technology has numerous hooks to social networks, so we can automate a lot of tasks and eliminate duplication.

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Talk your customers’ language;
better to be on page 2 of Google for “sandwich” than no. 1 for “bread based snack”

We know this is an extreme example, but assume for a moment that you’re a business that has a highly profitable division that makes filled sandwiches, rolls and baguettes.  You may describe the products made by this division as “bread based snacks” and be very proud that your web site is number one on Google for this term.  But what is the point of being at the top of Google for a phrase no one uses?  It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses have unknowingly evolved an internal language that is at odds with the language their customers are using. Maybe yours has?

Spend some time understanding your customers' language; it will reap huge rewards.

How we can help: We can research what phrases people are using on search engines, and help you develop a content strategy for all your target markets and languages.  This will ensure all your online activities fully support your search marketing objectives.

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Measure what is measurable;
if you ignore statistics, you’ll never know what your online activities are contributing.

How many website visitors do you have each month? How many purchase something or register for an email newsletter? How many of your Facebook likes are miles away from anywhere your products are available? All of these are important questions for any business owner and the statistics to answer these questions are readily available. Knowing the answers can help you to invest money in those areas most likely to generate a return.  Not knowing them means you could be flogging a dead metaphor.

How we can help:  Our service includes a regular review of your site’s performance, which will include a management summary of all the key statistics and a plain English explanation of what they mean.

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